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The Latest – August 23 08.59 – Guy Goma is set to become a movie star. US film producer, Alison Rosenzweig, who produced the $115 million John Woo blockbuster Windtalkers, starring Nicolas Cage and Christian Slater, plans to produce a film based on the life of Goma.

Alison first contacted Goma through Mark Wrafter who runs the website. Spokesman Kizzi Nkwocha said: “We have had extensive talks with Alison about the movie and everyone is very excited.”

July 14 10.57 – Guy Goma remake, this is pretty funny! See it here.

June 21 15.02 – Guy interviewed about the BBC experience on GMTV (Britain) here.

June 19 10.09 – Take the Guy Goma fun trivia quiz here.

June 12 14.48 – The bidding for Guy lucky blue shirt has reached STG£150. The shirt was the same one Guy wore to his BBC interview. It is being auctioned at Bids for the shirt have come in from all over the world. Proceeds will be donated to Oxfam.

June 12 09.15 – Latest mailshot gone out, if you didn’t get it, you’re not signed-up!! Tut-tut!

June 12 09.03 – Guy has become one of the most popular UK celebrities online with over half a million references on the web about him. This is five times the number of entries for Chantelle Houghton who won UK’s Big Brother. Publicist Kizzi Nkwocha said “This is amazing. It proves Goma-fever has really spread across the UK and conqured most of the world.”

June 11 20.01 – Guy Goma has been nominated a ‘Super Celebrity’ by the Church of Celebrity. Visit their site here.

June 10 19.53 – Guy is to become a football pundit for Zoo magazine during the World Cup. Every week Guy will be commenting on the skills, tactics, and surprises in the worlds biggest tournament. Zoo’s website is here.

June 03 22.04 – The comments continue to roll in. We even got a tune sent in with a Goma vocal mixed in. We might be sharing this soon.

June 02 00.12 – Bizarrely enough, our petition is the sixth busiest on the Petition’s Online website, see here.

May 31 16.47 – Guy’s back online. A viral video no less. Check it out here.

May 31 16.46 – THE PETITION IS HERE.

May 31 16.45 – A Guy Goma mailshot has just gone out to the mailing list. If you didn’t get it, sign-up now to get the next one!

May 31 09.56 – What a mental day yesterday. The site was nine times busier than usual. The petition is up to 3535 (no… 3572 now…) signatories. The mailing list is up to 1922 people. Over 200 emails received this morning alone.

May 30 21.31 – For those who haven’t seen it… here is a link to the SECOND Guy Goma interview at the BBC.

May 30 21.13 – The BBC have taken the direct link to this site down! 🙁 To see what it looked like, please click here.

May 30 18.42 – The BBC have linked to our site, needless to say we’re very pleased, and suddenly, even more busy than before.

May 30 18.37 – Thank you for all your questions about the people running this site. Simply, it’s being taken care of from the internet hub that is Dublin, Ireland by a chap called Mark Wrafter. His site is here.

May 28 19.24 – Please consider signing this petition to support Guy’s application for the job within the BBC, he didn’t actually get it. Go here.

May 28 19.23 – Guy is auctioning off his lucky blue shirt to help raise money for Oxfam. The auction is at this site. Please help him raise as much as he can for the charity.

May 28 19.22 – The very lovely people at the New York Times linked to us, which resulted in a bit of a peak on the old stats. See story here.

May 27 20.33 – Please sign our petition to get Guy the job at the BBC that he applied for, or a better job within the BBC.

May 26 10.15 – Ibrahim Hublou tells us that an article in the major Flemish newspaper, “De Standaard” mentions the Guy Goma site; and that the petition to keep Guy in the UK was plugged on primetime TV there y’day. Note: Guy’s legal in UK, see next post.

May 25 15.03 – Guy Goma has asked Kizzi Nkwocha to impart the following message: “Please let your site visitors know that his immigration status was clarified some three years ago and he is free to live (and work) indefinitely in the UK. He also wanted to thank everyone that’s expressed support – especially through your site.” So there ya go folks!

May 25 14.01 – Press release in from Kizzi Nkwocha at PRHQ about Guy Goma. To read, click here.

May 25 12.36 – Shamil YENIKEYEV from Russia just wrote in to say he’d spotted this. Looks like there might be a bright future ahead for our Guy.

May 25 10.49 – Henric Luijten informs me about a petition which has been started to support Guy in his application for a work permit. We must state here that we don’t know if the rumours of Guy being deported are true, or false.

May 25 10.42 – Check out this BBC program where “The Wrong Guy” incident was discussed soon after it happened. There were still some confusion about the whole thing at that stage, evidently.

May 25 10.28 – Now 822 subscribers to Guy’s mailing list.

May 25 10.25 – Interest in site increasing with yesterday’s visitor numbers 3 times higher than any other day.

May 23 15.42 – Guy: we have a film producer in LA trying to contact you, get in contact for details.

May 23 15.21 – United Press International (here) are saying of the Goma incident that: “… (it) brought the immigrant to the attention of British authorities who may deport him.”
SAVE GOMA, we say!

May 23 00.11 – First newsletter has been dispatched with updates. Register below.

May 22 18.42 – Guy on the Jonathan Ross show.

May 22 18.41 – Coverage on German TV news.

May 22 18.39 – “Round The Twist” video remix released.

May 22 17.51 – Now 341 subscribers to mailing list.

May 22 14.22 – News coming in that Goma may be deported. More as it comes in.

May 22 12.55 – This site, and Guy Goma, have been featured on the Washington Post.

May 22 11.23 – All new goes live.